Protective Spellwork & Talisman Making


A workshop series to help get us through 2017 and beyond


Saturday to Sunday, May 27-28th

At The Living Gallery

1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221


The idea for this event was birthed when I was speaking to my friends this winter -- my fellow witches, outcasts and wayward folks, and realized that there was an almost universal feeling of fear and dread.

The intensity of that feeling varied depending on who I was talking to, of course, but once I started reaching out and speaking more about my own fears on the upcoming few years, it was like the floodgates opened. We started brainstorming about what could be done, and a great deal of us started petitioning, calling local officials, raising money for charity, and participating in protests. I have no doubt those actions made a difference, and we continue to fight -- but there was something else that we had not been considering as much.

Self-care and spiritual self protection are just as important so that we do not become bogged down by so much hateful rhetoric, and so we can continue to fight as best as we can.

Because we are a bunch of people coming from such varied backgrounds, traditions, and paths, it seemed natural to gather and do some skill-sharing. And why not do it in a setting that is open to the general public but still friendly, safe, women, LGBTQ+, and POC-friendly? It came together easily, and with a lot of help and encouragement from friends.

I hope you can join us.