What we do

The Wunderkammer Society is a network of people with backgrounds stemming from taxidermy, art, and design who have gotten together to provide an inclusive, fun space for others who have similar interests to explore their curiosity. We are based currently in NYC and SoCal, and have held classes all over the country.



We provide taxidermy services, from personal/group classes, custom pet work, traditional mounts to rogue work. Our work has been featured in various media, including the TV show Oddities and Brain Scoop with the Field Museum. 



Several of our members are traditional artists and can provide custom painting, scientific illustration, sculpture and fine jewelry work. Please email us for available services.


Vending and commercial art

You can find some of us at flea markets peddling various wares! For examples of our work, visit individual member pages or the gallery.



We also provide web design and identity work for clients with businesses dealing with the macabre, natural history, or curiosities.